Amanda Selkirk
Age 18
Occupation Tribute
Home District 1
Gender Female
Height 5'8
Weapon Throwing knives, sword
Fate Alive
Appearances The 259th Hunger Games by CK825
Mentioned The 299th Hunger Games by VDA1999
Portrayed by Unknown

Amanda Selkirk is a tribute made by Biel1458. She cannot be used without her permission.


Name: Amanda Selkirk

Age: 18

District:  1

Gender: female

Personality: Amanda is an optimist and happy girl. She respect others but is horrible with people who she dislikes. Because of her personality, her main enemy is Annabeth Elosegui, a pretty District 2 girl in the 259th Hunger Games along with Amanda. Amanda is also very protective and reliable.

Weapon: Throwing knives, sword

Height: 5'8

Weaknesses: Climbing

Strenghts: Fighting, swimming and manipulation

Fears:  Snakes

Private training strategy: Show the gamemakers all of her awesome skills with weaponry and her knowledge about nature and animals

Interview strategy: Answer the questions happily, and try to look excited to Panem.

Bloodbath strategy: Regular Career Strategy: Grab supplies, and run to any kill

Games strategy: Stay with the careers during all the games

Backstory: Amanda was born in a rich family from District 1. As niece of the mayor, she was known through all District 1, not just because of her social status, but because of her beauty. During her life, Amanda had lots of boyfriends, but most of them only dated her because of her money and beauty, so Amanda started to be depressed and closed, but when she was 15, 2 of her cousins and her uncle were killed in a killing spree, and her aunt soon after commited suicide, but one of her cousins was still alive, so Alicia (the alive cousin) started to live with Amanda because nothing is most important than family, but aged 16, her Amanda`s father was fired and her family slowly started to be poor, but this changed when her cousin Alicia volunteered for the Hunger Games. Amanda was sad and shocked, but in this, she saw an opportunity, and also started to pratice weaponry habilities. To her surprise, she was really good hunting with throwing knives and with close sword combat. Aged 18, she decided to volunteer for the Hunger Games, since she also wanted to help her father, so this way Amanda`s family now has 2 tributes, and for Amanda, 2 rich female victors or a poor, sad and alone father.

Family: Talia J. Selkirk (deceased mother)

Marcus Pearlost- Calvert (father)

Token: A diamond ring 

Victims: TBA  

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