District 14 is a fan-made district set in Hawaii. It was created by the user Moviepopcorn123. It uses the industry mutts to make its money, and is actually more of a farm for them during times when they are not in arenas. It was not known about till years after the second revolution, and was discovered. It was also put back in Panem around this time.



Victors from District 14 usually win their Games based on their traps knowledge, knowing how to treat with muttations and arena traps. Some of District 14 victors include:


Tributes from District 14 usually volunteer in order to participate in the Hunger Games,and may even become Career tributes. They usually outcome the other tributes. Some of District 14 tributes include:


The Escorts come from Capitol, but they are assigned to a District to host the reapings. The escorts below were chosen to host the District 14 reapings: