District 16 is a district that makes money. It is located in what used to be Texas. After the Second Rebellion, Panem built 3 more districts and D.16 was one of them. Despite the name being the lowest number, District 16 is the richest district, claiming 489 in tesserae. It has had 4 victors so far. It was added to the country when the 123rd Hunger Games was going on.

Notable People from District 16 Edit

Luke Wayne Saxtand Edit

Victor of 129th Hunger Games.

Walter Franks Edit

Owner of the company "Money Makin™!"

Zachary Quazarf Edit

Victor of 148th Hunger Games.

Ron Saztalk Edit

Governor of District 16.

Samuel Taylor Edit

Victor of 152nd Hunger Games.

Danny Ziflix Edit

Victor of 177th Hunger Games.

Edward Zilfix Edit

Brother of Danny Ziflix, and Vice Governor of District 16.