Seeder "Fugly" Howell
Age 60s
Occupation chikens'killer,victor, tribute
Home Victor's village in District 11
Gender Unknown, some people believe that she is the first one from a new gender called Fugly
Height Unknown
Weapon Gun, sword
Fate Alive/deceased
Appearances The 75th Hunger Games
Mentioned The 75th Hunger games
Portrayed by Maria Howell

 "Fear the fugliness bitches, cuz Fugly will get u while ur sleeping" - Fugly to the careers in the 75th Hunger Games

Fugly Howell is a victor from District 11. She is fugly and her page was created by Biel1458.

About FuglyEdit

Name: Fugly Howell

Age: 60s

Gender: Unknown

District: 11

Weapon(s): Gun, sword

Occupation: Tribute, victor

Strenghts: Her fugliness scaries everyone

Weaknesses: Fugly

Personality: Boring and fugly

Backstory: Fugly was born in District 11. During her childhood, everybody bullied Fugly because she was fugly. One day, Fugly was reaped for the Hunger Games and won due to her fugliness that scared everyone to the death during the bloodbath (those games had only 13 seconds). After winning, Fugly bought a gun and became a psycho chicken killer, but she was arrested because killing chikens was considered a hostile act, but after some seconds in the jail, she was bored so she left the prison (because everything is possible with Fugly's money) and became a horrible singer, i mean, worst than Rebecca Black, she literally sounds like a goat having her throath slit by an excited bear hearing to Justin Biber.
  • Fugly shouting with a microphone (singing jazz)
  • Fugly singing like a goat
  • Fugly killing a chicken