General and Games InformationEdit

Genereal InformationEdit

Name: Glitter Ore

District: 1

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Glitter, like most people in District One, is narcisstic and cares about herslef before others. She's a charming Queen Bee. She's manipulative and quick at killing. Glitter would injure people for no reason at all. If one of her allies was in danger, she wouldn't care.

Appearance: Glitter is very pleasing to the eye. Her black hair flows down to her shoulder. Her skin is tan and she is usually wearing a cruel smile. Her blue-green eyes are never focused on who she's talking to. Glitter is 5'7" and isn't skinny nor large.

Weapons: Sword, throwing knives

Backstory: As being from District 1, Glitter comes from a wealthy family. Glitter lives a perfectly normal life, and nothing severely tragic has ever happened to her or somebody she deeply cared about. Her parents spoiled her rotten. He was always popular in school, to the neglect of others.

Strength: Hand-to-hand combat, speed, aim

Weakness: Strength

Fears: None

Games informationEdit

Reaped or Volunteered: Volunteered

Interview Angle: Sexy

Bloodbath strategy: When the gong sounds, Glitter will run towards the Cornucopia, get the best stuff, and kill as many people as possible

Games strategy: Glitter will stay with the Careers, staying in the group and picking fights.

Token: None

Allies: Career

Games and StatisticsEdit

Under constriction


  • Glitter has a twin brother, Diamond, and a younger brother, Gold.