Justine Callahan, from the Official Hunger Games Tributes

Justine Callahan is a Tribute from District 2.


Justine Callahan (born as Justine Alexis Callahan) was born on March 4th. Both her parents are deceased, as they died in the District Two revolt when Justine was four. Her mom, Fiona Callahan (nee Meson) was a teacher at the District Two Career School and her father, Samuel Callahan, was solider. Justine vows to win the Hunger Games in the honor of all the deceased from the war. She was enrolled at the District Two Career School at the age of five and trained to be the best tribute ever.


Justine Callahan-real

Justine Callahan in real life

Justine has blond hair and light gray eyes. She stands 5'6


Justine is daring, cunning, vengeful, smart, but also has a softer side. She wants vengeance against the Capitol for killing her parents and innocent people. Justine was the best warrior of her year, and don't underestimate her age.

Tribute ProfileEdit

From the Official Hunger Games Tributes

Name: Justine Callahan

Gender: Female

District: 2

Age: 14

Weapons: Knives, Daggers and Machetes

Looks: Blonde Hair, Light Grey Eyes

Height: 5'6

Alliance: Career

Personality: Cunning, Vengeful, Daring, Smart

Alliance: Careers

Token: Locket of Parents and the poem "When a Good Man Goes to War"

Participation in the Hunger GamesEdit

Justine's first games are The 1st Epic Games.