This tribute belongs to chloe do not use her without my permission



Pimiligh Rim Marilee is her full name.


Pim is a female, 12 year old tribute who will soon be in the games.


She belongs to District 4.


Pim is 12 years old.


Pim uses big weapons to help her win like a Speer.Pim has been taught secret tricks to use by her gram, aunt and cousin who at all one point were in the hunger games and became a victor.


Pim has blondish brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin.She is about 4'8 and 94 lb is petite for height.


Pim uses a crystal long Speer.


Her weaknesses are losing family and friends not being able to survive the hunger games.


Pim was born to Amile and John Marilee in District 4.They were extremely young when they had her.Soon after fighting in the games each of them died and Pim is sent to live with her aunt, cousin and grandmother. Pim knows that the games are coming up and is very scared because she's heard a lot if people die over there.

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