Ron Stafford
Age Unknown
Occupation Victor
Home District 4's Victor Village
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Fate Deceased
Appearances Catching Fire
"Ron? Knew him quiet well. Only other male victor from 4 besides myself. Allied with the careers. They wouldn't let him lead, which led to him being a victor."
―Finnick about Ron[src]
Ron Stafford was a District 4 Victor who attended the 75th Hunger Games reaping. He one about 2 or 3 years after Finnick did, and the two were fast friends.


It can be assumed Ron was reaped for the 67th or 68th Hunger Games, as he won two or three years after finnick. It also can be assumed he won by killing off the career alliance because they wouldn't allow him to lead.

75th Hunger GamesEdit

He was at the reaping, and when Mags volunteered, he peered  something to someone offscreen. This is his only appearance in the films.



Ron talking to someone

It can be assumed he died during or after the Victor's Purge, where the Capitol killed the rebel victors and the rebels killed the victors that were allied with the Capitol. Coming from District 4, that was part of the alliance to save Katniss, he was most likely killed by the Capitol