General and Games InformationEdit

General InformationEdit

Name: Sissy Watt

District: 3

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Popular, nice, funnny, charming, smart

Appearance: Sissy is very small, and is pretty. She is 4'11", and has long black hair, green eyes, and chiseled features. She always wears a low-cut purple shirt.

Backstory: Sissy lived a normal life, and never had anything unnormal happen to her or anyone she cares about.

Strengths: Agility, speed, beauty and intelligence

Weakness: Inability to detect weaknesses of others, physical strength.

Fear: Being separated long-term from his brothers, Volts and James

Games InformationEdit

Interview angle: Beautiful

Reaped or volunteered: Reaped

Bloodbath Strategy: RUN!!!!!!!!

Games Stratgy: Stay alive, and stay out of the action. Hunt for food. Stay out of fights. Only use his engineering skills when nessesary.

Weapons: Wire, Bow & Arrow

Token: A homemade necklace made out of wires

Allies: None, or her and her district partner.

Games and StatisticsEdit



Highest Placing: N/A

Lowest Placing: N/A

Highest Training Score: N/A

Lowest Training Score: N/A

Highest Odds: N/A

Lowest Odds: N/A


  • Sissy is the smartest girl her age in all of District 3.