Thalia Grant
Age 17
Occupation Career Tribute
Home District 2
Gender Female
Height 5'8
Weapon Sword, Bow and Arrow, Dagger
Fate Varies
Appearances Various Games
Mentioned Various Games
"When I see my opportunities, I take them. "


Name: My name is Thalia Grant.

Gender: I am female.

District: My home district is 2.

Age: I'm 17.

Weapon: I prefer a bow and arrow when at combat from a distance, and a sword for up close combat. If I lost both weapons, I'll settle with a dagger.

Appearance: I am tall, blonde, and fierce. I have green eyes and long hair, almost always tied up in a ponytail.

Strengths/skills: I am stronger than the average girl, mostly because I'm a career from District 2. I am also skilled with my three weapons, using them efficiently. I can climb very well, able to kill tributes who hide in the trees.

Weakness(es): I can't hold my breath very long, and I will swallow water when I can't hold it anymore. I can't swim, so I'll need the help of a fellow career.

Personality: I am very confident and smart, and I have leadership skills in case I get to lead the careers. I am a thinker and will think before acting. 

Backstory/History: As most girls my age, I trained at the age of 8. My parents pushed me to become the best tribute I could, so I did my best every day. I was good with weaponry, and tried to swim. I sank like a rock, and nearly drowned. I tried climbing, and was actually quiet good at it. Then I tried survival skills, but that didn't work out the best. One day, my status as career tribute was put to the test. I was walking on a cold night, so cold that mist came out my nose everytime I exhaled. When they emerged... failed mutts that were abandoned in the city. I reached for my sword and just in time when the first jumped on me. I stabbed it's neck open. The second and third one started pushing me towards a pool, as if knowing my weakness. I finally killed the second one with a slice down the spine, when the third pounced on me, sending me and it in the pool. It tried biting at me, but I kept it's head away from my neck. Soon, my vision started to darken, and air was leaving my lungs fast. That's when I remembered my dagger. I pulled it out of my pocket, and stabbed the mutts eye. It was off, and now I had to get to the surface. I grabbed the ladder, and climed out. When I surfaced I gasped for air. And that air was the sweetest of all air I'd ever breathed in.

Interview Angle: I will be a crowd appeaser.

Bloodbath Strategy: I will run for my three weapons then try to take out tributes.

Games Strategy: I will try and lead the careers, and if not the leader, I will follow orders until I see them as weak and betray them.

Token: N/A

Height: I am 5'8.

Fears: I fear drowning more than anything, but also losing the games and putting dishonor to my parents' names.

Alliance: I will join the careers.


  • Gurl

    Her trying to swim, but nearly drowning.

    Out of all the masked tributes, Thalia is the one to wear one the least, only doing it when trying to learn to swim.