Hi. Welcome the 50th Hunger Games! MrSwagYOLO29 and Amberroseclan are co-writing. This is Amberroseclan's first games, and is MrSwagYOLO29's fourth.

The TributesEdit

District Name Age Weapon
1F DeathCharm 18 Weapon: Axes
1M Mare 18 Spears Machete


16 Throwing Knives, Daggers, Teeth
2M Ashes 17 Machete, Sword
3F Thorne 21 Teeth, Two Holed Axe
3M Reth 23 Sickle, Traps
4F Bethene 30 Teeth, Sword, Daggers
4M Marth 31 Spear
5F Carmen 12 Slingshot
5M Jodie 13 Throwing Spears
6F Jo 25 Teeth, Daggers, Sword


12 Traps,Spear
7F Beth 27 Teeth, Throwing Axes
7M Jonah 27 Machete, Sword, Rocks
8F Gem 35 Daggers, Rocks

Blade Spectrus

14 Crossbow, Kukri, Traps
9F Finley 19 Sword
9M Ringly 16

Sword, Chains

10F Willow 14

Slingshot, Blowgun


Blade Peter

18 Blowgun
11F Mia 12 Snares, Slingshot, Sickle
11M Rage Midster 12 Slingshot
12F Minerva Harris 18 Blowgun, spear
12M Nikkolas Harris 18 Throwing Knives



Age (12-40):









Each person gets 500$ to spend to their loved one.

Food Weapon Medicine
Fruit: $15 Throwing Knife: $5 Leaves: $25
Water: $20 Throwing Axe: $10 Hedge: $46
Dried Meat: $10 Dagger: $10 Yarrow: $86
- Spear: $12 Bandages: $20
- Sword: $24 -
- Machete: $55 -
- Bow: 50$ -
- Arrow: $45 -
- Axe: $9 -


District 1Edit

Today is District 1's reaping, just great! I should be lucky I might have a good partner this time. "Welcome, Welcome, to the 50th Hunger Games". Says the crazy haired girl. We shall pick one man and women to be in the 50th Games". "Ladies first," She picks from the jar. "DeathCharm!' she yells. I come up "Heck with this" I say; now for the Boys. The crazy girl calls me up, me and DeathCharm shake hands. I'm really shy because she’s actually really hot. "Didn't I see you in training?" she asks. "Umm, Ye... Yes". I say. She laughs and knuckles me. It hurt but I just laughed. "Hey don't be shy!" she says. I start shuddering and run away. I guess I shouldn't be in the Careers with her I’d get distracted by her prettiness. They send my mom in the room, my moms the only one that takes care of me; I have no dad or siblings. "I'm Sorry." she says "Don't worry." I say "I've trained for like 12 years." My mom’s eyes start glowing. Then the peacekeepers strangle her to get out. I growl and hiss and then they I look to my mom’s face and she’s crying. The last words I hear from her before I go is "Stay Safe."

District 2Edit

Today s district 2's reaping I’m not worried maybe I’ll get a good partner, I hope. The gong rings and we go to the reaping. My brother Ashes comes with us. They were just finishing cleaning up district 1's reaping I saw a big pile of puke they were cleaning up. "Glad I wasn't at district 1's reaping." says Ashes. I knuckle him. "Welcome, Welcome to the 50th Hunger Games reaping." says the reaping girl. Ladies first! She swishes her hand around to girls bowl. “ASH!” she yells! I think that's my sister! She starts walking up. I yell "ASH ASH NO ASH!"! I scream in a horse voice. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" I scream. "We have a volunteer" Says the girl. Now for the boys says the girl. I chuckle. Like they’re going to pick me, I never got picked so that's so unreal. She picks from the jar "Ashes!" she yells. My sister and I shake hands. "I bet your siblings, right?" She asks. We both say yes. Then she takes us in the Justice Building. My "parents" come in the room. I see tears dripping down their faces. I try not to cry and hug them tight. They told me to stay confident. Then the peacekeepers take them out.

District 3Edit

I sit on the beach thinking of the reaping today I’m excited but at the same time kind of scared. I sit watching the waves and the wind blows threw my blond hair. I sharpen my teeth. The gong sounds and I run quickly into the woods, but the peacekeepers catch me. I bite the one in the throat that touched my butt. "THAT TAUGHT THE BEEEPO"! They let me go and I run to the reaping. Welcome, Welcome. She says like always. "YEAH YEAH GET ON WITH IT!" I yell. "Alright ladies first” she says. "Jabberjay Perkens!” I look and it's actually a 12 year old. "I volunteer as tribute!" I say. I come up the steps. "What's your name?" She says. "Thorne, Thorne Catra" I say. "Alright" she says. Now for the boys I stand up it's time for boys. I'm the richest person in district 3 like I'm going get picked! She puts her hand in the jar and pulls out a long paper. "Reth Peterson"! I come up and shake hands with my career partner and go inside the justice building. I have no visitors because I live by myself which is good because I really hate parents bossing me around.


District 1Edit

I come in the plaza where the Gamemakers are drinking and eating pig. "Deathcharm, District 1" I say. I get a good grip on my axe. I first show them my axe throwing. I think then I throw to the target I got it in the chest. Now I do regular axe. I take a regular axe from the stand than I go up to a dummy and behead him. The Gamemakers look very surprised. I hear the Gamemakers calling my name and I go up. I am worried about something but I don't really care. I throw my spear to the head of the target and don't miss. Well phew I say.

District 2Edit

I go up when they say Ashes I'm nervous but I really don't care. I throw my knives to the head of the dummy and one to the chest. I'm confident about what score is going to be. I go up when they say Asher like my sis and I'm nervous I also throw knives but I do other weapons to. I throw my knives like my sis did and I think I might get a 12/12 :-).

Training ScoresEdit

Name Score Training Weapon
Deathcharm 10/12 Axes
Mare 11/12 Spears
Ashes 12/12 Throwing knives
Asher 9/12 Machete
Thorne 10/12 Two-Holed-Axe
Reth 10/12 Sickle
Beth 8/12 Daggers
Marth 11/12 Spear
Carmen 9/12 Knife
Jodie 11/12 Sickle
Jo 7/12 Dagger
Izzy 9/12 Sword
Beth 11/12 Long Sword
Jonah 10/12 Bow and Arrow
Gem 8/12 Blowgun
Blade Spectrus 12/12 Knives
Finley 11/12 Blowgun
Ringly 9/12 Knife
Willow 8/12 Bow And Arrow

Blade Peter

7/12 Slingshot
Mia 6/12 Dagger
Rage Minster 10/12 Knife
Minerva Harris 10/12 Bow and Arrow
Nikkolas Harris 11/12

Throwing knives

The GamesEdit

Day 1Edit


I look over to Asher as i rise we both nod. Only 10 seconds i get ready to run 10..9...8...7...6...5...4...3..2..1 I run as fast as i can to the cournicopia grab a axe and look through the inside, I see the district 6 female trying to reach a knive I run towards her and burry my axe in her back. Then I go inside the cournicopia looking for food. I quickly turn around I see the district 7 male getting ready to stab me. Thats when i take my axe and burry it in his chest.


I see the throwing knives and I run towards them. Mia girl pins me, i struggle to get up. I throw her off of me grabbing the knives throwing one to her back. I watch Deathcharm inserts her axe into Jodie's head, then i run for a bag and maybe some more throwing knives. Willow getting the last pack of throwing knives when i run towards her, pin her, and insert a knive in her throat.


I look as the careers girls are killing people i run for at least a knive when i see Asher coming i quickly duck as she throws a knive and i throw my knive back. She quickly runs towards me angry she pins me as she takes a knive out of her belt, she inserts a knive into my hand, i scream then she takes another knive and gets ready to slit my throat when she sees the district 10 male about to kill her brother and she aims a knive at him and throws it hitting him in the chest.

Day 2Edit

Nikkolas Harris

Me and my sister are camping out somewhat near the Career camp, so we set out to them in the middle of the night. Luckily, the "guard" is sleeping. So, I dip my knives in poison(I found a bag of it at the Cornucopia), while my sister nocks an arrow. Since a cannon would wake the Careers, my sister and I try to inflict non-mortal wounds. I throw a knife at Asher while she shoots at DeathCharm *BOOM* *BOOM* Whoops. We have act fast! I Throw my knife at Mare, (*BOOM*) but Minerva isn't so lucky. Ashes virtually flew at her, and his machate through her heart. *BOOM* However, I grab his sword, and, now I stab him in the heart. *BOOM* Since I am hopeless without my sister, a take my knife, and plunge it into my heart.

Day 3Edit

Blade Spectrus

I found a sword where the careers were camping, i look around and all the careers are dead? I quickly turn around, a bloody Ringly with a axe. I take my sword and plunge it in his stomach he groans of pain and takes his axe and drops it to my foot. I scream in pain, i lay there crying. I see the Beth female and i try to get up but the axe is stuck in my foot. She swings her axe at my knees cutting them. I close my eyes and take my death. Then she sees Bethene and throws her axe in her head.


I heard three cannons, and four loud screams. I turn, and I see my ally, Carmen, on the ground about 30 feet back, with a knife in her back. After I hear her cannon, I see Rage Minster holding a knife, looking at me, with a smirk on his face. Without even thinking, I launch my spear at him, as he throws his knife. He hits me square in the chest, and I impale it through his heart. His cannon rings, but the pain is overwhelming. I see Beth with an axe, which hits me in the head. The pain is overwhelming, and finally give in to the beast.


"Attention final four: report to the Cornucopia unless you wish to die." Automatically, I bolt. Wait, did he say final four? This is only Day 3! This must be a new record! I am the last one to the Cornucopia, as I know I was near the edge of the arena. I see Thorne and Beth duking it out with their axes. So, I decide to do a battle of the blowguns with Gem. On my first shot, I hit her square in the head. She falls down, dead. Beth disarms Thorne and knocks him to the ground, but Thorne grabs a sword, and deflects her hit. Thorne goes on a rampage, and as he's about to kill her, I shoot a dart srtaight into his heart. Beth throws her axe at me, and as if time is going in slow motion, but I'm not, I sidestep and grab the axe out of the air. However, because of how hard she threw it, it knocks me over and pins my hand into the ground. Beth leisurely struts over, grabs a sword, and, as she's about to go in for the kill, I hear an announcement: "Congradulations, I give to you, the two victors of the 50th Hunger Games, Beth and Finley!" I thank the heavens for that announcement, as, if it weren't to happen, I'd surely be dead. Beth helps me get my hand out from under the axe, then helps me up. "Congradulations. If they didn't have that announcement, you surely would've won." I say. In reply she grabs on to the ladder and says "I know." I laugh as I freeze onto the ladder, and realize that I had fun in here. I love my life.

Death ChartEdit

Place Tribute Killer Cause Day
1st Beth N/A N/A N/A
1st Finley N/A N/A N/A
3rd Thorne Finley Dart in heart 3
4th Gem Finley Dart in head 3
5th Marth Rage Minster/Beth Knife in chest/axe in head 3
6th Rage Minster Marth Spear in heart 3
7th Carmen Rage Minster Knife in back 3
8th Bethene Beth Axe in head 3
9th Blade Spectrus Ringly/Beth Axe in foot/knees 3
10th Ringly Blade Spectrus Sword in stomach 3
11th Nikkolas Harris Nikkolas Harris Knife in heart 2
12th Ashes Nikkolas Harris Sword in heart 2
13th Minerva Harris Ashes Machete in heart 2
14th Mare Nikkolas Harris Knife in heart 2
15th DeathCharm Minerva Harris Arrow in heart 2
16th Asher Nikkolas Harris Knife in head 2
17th Blade Peter Asher Knfe in chest 1
18th Beth Asher Knife in head 1
19th Izzy DeathCharm Axe in side 1
20th Willow Asher Knife in throat 1
21st Jodie Deathcharm Axe in head 1
22nd Mia Asher Knife in back 1
23rd Jonah DeathCharm Axe in chest 1
24th Jo DeathCharm Axe in back 1