"Hello, People of Panem. It is time for this year's Hunger Games. As usual, there will be 32 Tributes fighting to the deaths. To all the tributes: May the odds be ever in your favor."

- President Snow IV

Rules & NotesEdit

  • 5 tributes per person
  • I allow reservations.
  • Don't cry when your tribute dies
  • I am writing my games and how I am going to write is the way I want it.
  • I'd love to have some lunaiis, already uploaded to the wiki.
  • If you wish to add you tribute to the games, post a link below or make it up in the comments.
  • I am going to use my own tributes, as well as writing the games, and I promise not to bias the games.
  • The games will start as soon as all spaces are filled, then the Training Scores are completed.


Meet the tributesEdit

District Name Age Weapon(s) Placing
CF Andrea Vitrule 18 Any 27th
CM Edward Griffith 16 Sickle, sword, hands TBA
0F Jenny Starlock 14 Bow & Arrow, Knives, Sword 29th
0M Donald Starlock 15 Bow & Arrow, Throwing Knives 28th
1F Gemma Stone 16 Scythe TBA
1M Diamond Ore 17 Sword 23rd
2F Scarlet Scarface 15 Throwing Knives 18th
2M Bruno Tarckle 18 Sword, Teeth, Sickle TBA
3F Rose Crimson 17 Tech., spear TBA
3M Bit Quasar 15 Wire, Sword TBA
4F Savera Hayes 16 Bowie Knife, Bow & Arrow TBA
4M Konami Aretino 14 Strength, fangs, trident, crossbow TBA
5F Athena Lightningbolt 16 Saw, power tools TBA
5M Aron Lightningbolt 14 Saw, tools, arrowheads, fists 14th
6F Kaitlin Onley 13 Dagger 20th
6M Blade Spectrus 14 Spear, Knives, Sword TBA
7F Terra Rioux 16 Throwing Knives, Sword 22nd
7M Warren Sattely 17 Axe 21st
8F Beemo Xra 14 Spears and traps 16th
8M Nyren Thread 14 Blowgun & Darts 15th
9F Indigo Midnight 17 Bow & Arrow 17th
9M Diggory Wilson 14 Dagger 25th
10F Fox Blade 16 Sword TBA
10M Gale Bard 17 Swprd, Whip, Bow & Arrow TBA
11F Tulip Durn 12 - 26th
11M Joga Bonito 16 Knife, Sword 13th
12F Rosie Liles 14 Bow & Arrow 30th
12M Peter Whittle 16 Sword, strength 32nd
13F Diana Moonsilver 16 Dao 24th
13M Ryan Marlin 18 B&A, Strength TBA
14F Belle Cullen 18 Throwing Knives TBA
14M Sean Dansin 15 Sword, B&A, Poison 31st

Death ChartEdit

Placing Name Day Cause Killer
1st! N/A N/A N/A
13th Joga Bonito 3 Set off land mine, bled out Gamemakers
14th Aron Lightninbolt 3 Beaten Joga Bonito
15th Nyren Thread 3 Head chopped off Bruno Tarckle
16th Beemo Xra 3 Knife in head Bruno Tarckle
17th Indigo Midnight 3 Scythe through neck Gemma Stone
18th Scarlet Scarface 3 Sword in heart Joga Bonito
19th Belle Cullen 2 Spear in heart Blade Spectrus
20th Kaitlin Onley 2 Axe in chest Terra Rioux
21st Warren Sattely 2 Neck snapped Blade Spectrus
22nd Terra Rioux 2 Beheaded Blade Spectrus
23rd Diamond Ore 1 Ribcage smashed Warren Sattely
24th Diana Moonsilver 1 Head chopped off Joga Bonito
25th Diggory Wilson 1 Knife in back Scarlet Scarface
26th Tulip Durn 1 Knife in back Scarlet Scarface
27th Andrea Vitrule 1 Shocked Diamond Ore
28th Donald Starlock 1 Shocked Gamemakers
29th Jenny Starlock 1 Shocked Gamemakers
30th Rosie Liles 1 Shocked Gamemakers
31st Sean Dansin 1 Blown up Gamemakers
32nd Peter Whittle 1 Blown up Gamemakers


A giant forest, with small lakes throughout the whole. There will be a large lake, taking up about an eighth of the arena. The tributes' pedestals will be in a ring, with moats on both sides. There are rock bridges on either side of the tribute. The one to the right of them is theirs, and, if they go on the wrong one, it shocks them.

The GamesEdit

Day OneEdit

Diamond Ore's POVEdit

I rise through my tube and am astounded by my surroundings. The guy from 12 can't wait to get into the action, so he jumps off the plate. The 14 Male is obviously confused, and twilrs around to see what it was only to trip on his foot and fall off of his own plate. The gong rings, (BOOMBOOM!) and I dive off of my plate into a moat. I climb onto a bridge. The girl on the right of me, Rosie, got onto the bridge and was shocked. BOOM! The Siblings from zero, Jenny and Donald Starlock, both went onto the wrong bridge. BOOMBOOM! Andrea Vitrule comes hurtling at me, to which I knock her onto my bridge. BOOM! The 11 female and 9 male are running away, but Scarlet shows them who's boss. BOOMBOOM! I see a girl I met with in training getting her head chopped off. BOOM! The District 7 Male comes at me with an axe, smashes it against my ribcage, and, still desperately gasping for air, I breath my last. BOOM!

Day TwoEdit

Blade Spectrus's POVEdit

Kailtlin and I are walking through the woods with Beemo and Nyren. We're discussing strategy for later in the games. Just as we say that the show-offs from seven are next, the two burst out of the bushes and ambush us. Terra gets Kaitie right in the chest. I swing my sword and behead the former. BOOM! Nyren gets Warren in the leg with a dart, but Warren knocks him out cold. I, with all my strength, get him in a headlock and snap his neck. BOOM! "Blade, will you sing to me?" Kaitlin says in a small vioce. "I heard you humming this in training:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound

that saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost, but now, I'm found;

was blind, but now I see.

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,

and grace my fears relieved:

how precious did that grace appear

the hour I first believed.

When we've been there ten thousand years,

bright shining as the sun,

we've no less days to sing God's praise

then when we first begun."

As I was finishing the lyrics, Kaitlin's life drifted away. As the cannon boomed, I didn't even notice that Nyren was back up, with a broken nose, and he and Beemo were clapping. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! KATIE! WHY??" With tearful eyes, I barely saw Belle Cullen coming towards me. I said barely. I grabbed my spear, and threw it into her heart. BOOM! I ran back to camp, with my allies on my tail, balling my eyes out. I went into the tent with some food and zipped the door shut. When I came back out, I saw the faces of my district partner and the people I killed. After having the worst day of my life, I allow Beemo and Nyren into the tent, climb into my sleeping bag and slowly drift off.

Day 3Edit

Bruno Tarckle's POVEdit

I can't believe they did it. They really did it. 8, 9, 5 and 11 snuck into our camp and killed one of our strongest members. Scarlet's cannon booming(BOOM!)woke us up, and as expected, we raged out. I watched Gemma kill Indigo, while I myself inserted my knife into Beemo's head(BOOM!) and then chopped Nyren's head off with my sickle(BOOM!). I then saw Joga and Aron reatreat. Chickens.

Joga BonitoEdit

"Nice plan. You really thought we could pull that off, and got most of us killed. That is a crime punishable by death." says Aron. "Well, it would have worked if you guys didn't just stand there while I stabbed her." I say. "Fistfight. No weapons. We need to prove our true strength." "Okay." He drops his weapons then charges at me. I sidestep and trip him. He recovers quickly. I swing my fist at him, but he grabs it and wrenches it to the side as hard as he can, bringing me to my knees. My vision starts to go black at the edges. Hr kicks me in the stomach, and I fall down to the ground. I get up, and he does a flying kick towards me. I grab his leg and flip him to the ground.I get on top of him and start pounding him with my fists. He coughs up blood. I walk away, and I smirk when I hear a BOOM. The smile fades as I realize I activated a land mine and lost both legs and my right arm. As I slip deeper and deeper into it, the last sounds I hear are two cannons(BOOMBOOM!)...


  • This is my fifth overall Hunger Games, and 4th solo Hunger Games
  • This Game was originally going to be named "The 29th Hunger Games", but I decided to rename it at last second.
  • This game was the first game I came up with the rankings in a single day.
  • (*This trivia will be released at the end of the games*)
  • The reason I didn't stick with "The 29th Hunger Games" was to write a sequel to this one.
  • I included my favorite song in this.sung by Blade Spectrus to Kaitlin Onley in the latter's final moment.
    • Note: I apologize in advance if any feelings were hurt due to the fact I included a religous song in my writing.