There are total of 9 members, 8 females and 1 male.

  1. Trinity Emerald
  2. Eli Winersin
  3. Sylvia Emerald
  4. Eliza Herader
  5. Anne Flinch
  6. Aura Keyes
  7. Fawn Rose
  8. Savannah Darnel
  9. Amber Burn
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Pictures of Members (Normal)Edit

Pictures of Members (Masked)Edit

Potential Tributes who could joinEdit

Amy Oceania: She already has herself a swim mask and is very skill at swimming and is pretty cute. She would fit in well, but she chooses not too, as she sees the alliance as weak.

The Golden Masked Alliance
Members Trinity Emerald, Eli Winersin, Sylvia Emerald, Eliza Herader, Anne Flinch, Aura Keyes, Fawn Rose, Savannah Darnel, Amber Burn
Leader Trinity Emerald and Fawn Rose
Alliance Origin The minds of Eli and Bee
Amount of Members 9

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