The Rebellion GamesEdit

"Hello, People of Panem. It is time for this year's Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor."

- President Snow IV

Rules & NotesEdit

  • 6 tributes per person
  • I allow reservations.
  • Don't cry when your tribute dies
  • I am writing my games and how I am going to write is the way I want it.
  • I'd love to have some lunaiis, already uploaded to the wiki.
  • If you wish to add you tribute to the games, post a link below or make it up in the comments.
  • I am going to use my own tributes, as well as writing the games, and I promise not to bias the games.
  • The games will start as soon as all spaces are filled
  • No Pre-Game crap. I need to just get to the action.


Meet the tributesEdit

District Name Age Weapon(s) Placing
1F Brittany Sanders 16 Sickle, Sword, Spear TBD
1M Jake Locketback 18 N/A TBD
2F Thalia Grant 17 Bow and arrow, sword dagger TBD
2M Shark Island 15 Any TBD
3F Honeysickle Ash 13 Sword, axe TBD
3M James Dant 15 Throwing Knives, Dagger, Knife TBD
4F Amanda Sanders 16 Bow, Ax, Tomahawk TBD
4M Isaac Blade 16 Trident, sword, sickle TBD
5F Nellie Cougar 15 Sickle, throwing knives, poison TBD
5M Matt Hamil 15 Sickle, bare hands TBD
6F Kassidy Millor 13 Slingshot, claws TBD
6M Jason Buick 16 Short sword, fists, sickle TBD
7F Anais Morrisa 16 Warhammer, dagger, bow and arrow TBD
7M Allen Postline 17 Axe, sickle TBD
8F Carmine Morrisa 16 Warhammer, mace, throwing knives TBD
8M Phoenix Thread 17 Kukri, Machete, Spear TBD
9F Savannah Darnell 12 Blowgun, throwing knives, double-sided knives TBD
9M Brock Yugly 18 Brass Knuckles, Fists TBD
10F Lavender Morton 16 Sword, dagger TBD
10M Henry Punch 15 Fists TBD
11F Lissa Pontcharian 18 Sword, sickle, knife TBD
11M Thrash "Cuts-Up" Windsock 16 Ax, Knives, Throwing Knives TBD
12F Celicia "Celi" Fen 15 Bow & Arrow, Knives TBD
12M Cole Hogan 15 Machete, Dagger TBD